Last Updated: 03-07-2013
The San Juan Basin Energy Conference, ( happening in Farmington, NM on March 18 and 19 is already sold out, with operators traveling to northwest New Mexico from all over the country and beyond. Acc... 


San Juan Basin Energy Conference

Two days of presentations from industry leaders. Expected presenters: Encana, BP and more....

This Conference brings together the Mancos Shale prospects from the operators and specialists for the first time. It uncovers what is the next oil and gas shale "play" after the Barnett and Eagle Ford in Texas and the Marcellus in the
East. This is nothing less than a San Juan Basin Renaissance after nearly a century of petroleum geology and activity.

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The San Juan Basin includes more than 4,000 square miles of rugged topography of plains and valleys and beautiful buttes, canyons and mesas. In addition to the culture and beauty of Chaco Canyon and Chacra Mesa, the San Juan Basin also has uplands that reach to more than 9,800 feet.



As a geologic region, the San Juan Basin contains large deposits of coal, uranium and natural gas. Since 1980, the Fruitland Formation in the basin has been one of the major sources of coalbed methane in the United States. In 2007, the Basin produced 1.32 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, making it the largest source of natural gas in the U.S.